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Am I able to work while at Impact?

Yes. We understand that it is helpful for students to be able to work while they are attending college. Because the students will also be engaged in ministry, the will need to balance their schedules carefully. Students are not allowed to miss ministry or group activities to work, but will be allowed to work a part-time job during off hours or on their days off

Is health insurance required?

Health insurance is required for all Impact students. Insurance verification letters can be sent to parent’s insurance companies verifying that their students are enrolled in full-time education.

Is the neighborhood safe?

Yes. The neighborhood around City on a Hill has been transformed since City on a Hill opened in 2001. Adjacent to the school facility there is now an apartment complex with 100 families and another 52-unit apartment building for senior citizens. In addition, during orientation students will receive “street smart” training that will help them be aware and alert of their surroundings in a big city.

What about a car?

Cars are encouraged, but not required. Transportation to group events will be provided, however all other transportation needs are the responsibility of each student.

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